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School sports facilities whose use is allocated by the Sports Service

Use of the City of Helsinki’s school gyms in the evenings and during leisure time

  • Additional information on making reservations can be found on the front page for the reservation for sports facilities.
  • If you intend on continuing your reservation at the same school for the following season, you should not return your keys in between seasons. After an individual reservation, or if the reservations end completely (e.g. the customer cancels their reservations), the keys to self-supervised schools must be returned to the school custodian.
  • The reservation system calendar for Sports Services’ facilities and school gyms can be viewed in the E-services section.
  • You can apply for available time slots using the application form available in the E-services section.
  • Sports Services also grant reservations for the use of school gyms in the evenings and in leisure time during school holidays.

Contact information for the reservation of sports facilities
Töölö Sports Hall, Paavo Nurmen kuja 1 E
PL 4800, 00099 City of Helsinki
Telephone service Mon–Fri 9–14, tel. 09 3 108 7800

06.12.2019 17:47

Self-supervision of school gyms

Self-supervision means that the party that has reserved a time slot (such as a sports club) is responsible for supervision during their time slot and for making sure that the gym is left clean after the end of the time slot.

Sports facilities provided by Sports Services

Sports Services manage the evening and leisure time use of 134 school gyms.

Contract terms

Contract terms for standing reservations of the Sports Services sports facilities and school gyms

Instructions for electronic services

You can apply to make reservations at Sports Services’ facilities and school gyms through electronic services.