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Reservation of sports facilities

Information about standing and one-time reservations for the Sports Department’s sports facilities

The Sports Department has approximately 70 sports halls and gyms as well as approximately 90 outdoor sports fields that can be reserved for use. Seasonal reservations for the Sports Department's facilities and fields are made separately for the winter and summer seasons.
Sports Services manages the sport facilities of 134 schools for the use in the evenings and outside school hours. Seasonal reservations for the facilities of schools can be made from autumn to spring.
One-time reservations can be made for sports facilities and venues as well as sauna and conference facilities.

Reservations for the sports facilities maintained by Sports Services and the sport facilities of schools are done via E-services

Reservation calendar of sports facilities.

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Contact information for facility reservations
Sports Services / Paavo Nurmen kuja 1 E (Töölö Sports Hall)
Telephone: 09 310 87800 Mon-Fri 9 am - 14 pm

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Periods for applying and instructions concerning reservations

Periods for applying and instructions concerning standing and one-time reservations of sports facilities.

School sports facilities

The Sports Department is responsible for allocating standing reservations of the school sports facilities.