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Outdoor swimming pools and beaches

Kumpula Outdoor Swimming Pool, foto Aki Rask

At, the Outdoor Exercise Map service, you can find information on the beaches in the metropolitan area such as the algae situation and water temperature. 

Outdoor pools


The public is free to make suggestions and comments to the beach list. We request that you send any comments to the City of Helsinki Environment Services in writing, using the address:

City of Helsinki, Environment Services, Environmental Health 
P.O. Box 58235

18.06.2021 15:28

Swimming water quality

The quality of swimming water and presence of blue-green algae will be monitored during the swimming season.

Nudist beaches and swimming places for dogs

There are two nudist beaches and four swimming places for dogs in Helsinki.

Swimming water profiles

The swimming water profiles include information about the facilities, services, maintenance and use of the beaches.

Swimming halls

Sports Departments swimming halls.