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Special swimming card

Swimming card for special groups

Special swimming cards are granted for independent swimming to residents of Helsinki who have a disability or who are suffering from a long-term illness. The swimming card is valid at all swimming halls and outdoor swimming pools in Helsinki for a year from the date of purchase. The card costs €52 + a personal, loadable access and customer card €4. Note! New price of special swimming cards from 1.9.2019 is 56 euros. Unused cards cannot be redeemed and no unused time will be refunded.

Special swimming cards are sold at the following locations 

  • Itäkeskus swimming hall
  • Pirkkola swimming hall
  • Jakomäki swimming hall
  • Yrjönkatu swimming hall

The card can also be purchased from the office at the Töölö Sports Hall, Paavo Nurmen kuja 1 E (access for people in wheelchairs or the handicapped on the Mannerheimintie side).

On a discretionary basis, the customer may be granted a Card 2, allowing entrance to one adult assistant, or a Card 3, allowing entrance to two assistants. The card holder must always be accompanied by an assistant when using the special swimming card at a swimming hall, and the assistant must provide assistance in the swimming facilities as necessary. If the card holder is of school age or older, the assistant must be of the same gender as the card holder. The swimming hall’s reception desk will grant the assistant access for a single visit.

Application procedure for the special swimming card

Method 1
Special swimming cards can be purchased directly at swimming halls and the Sports Services cash office without a medical report, on the grounds stated below:
1. Personal disability parking permit  
2. City Card, granted for transport services within the meaning of the Act on Services and Assistance for the Disabled
3. Card for the visually disabled
4. With the following KELA card codes:

Asthma KELA card code 203
Diabetes KELA card code 103
Muscle disease KELA card code 108
MS KELA card code 109 or 303
Parkinson's disease KELA card code 110
Psychiatric disorders KELA card code 112 or 188
Rheumatism KELA card code 202
Coronary artery disease KELA card code 206
Heart failure KELA card code 201

Method 2

People with certain types of disabilities or long-term illnesses can be granted a special swimming card based on a medical report.
The special swimming card is granted to people with any of the disabilities or long-term illnesses listed below.

Note! The diagnoses must be clearly indicated in the report.

  • Cerebral palsy (diagnosis G80)  
    - KELA’s decision on care allowance or a medical report
  • Diabetes  
    - medical report confirming treatment with medicine
  • Progressive diseases of the central nervous system (diagnoses G10–G13) 
    - medical report
  • Intellectual disability  
    -  statement from the city’s services for the intellectually disabled, KELA’s decision on care allowance that indicates the intellectual disability, or other medical report
  • Muscle diseases (diagnosis G70–G73) 
    - medical report
  • MS (diagnosis G35) 
    -  medical report
  • Polio after-effects  
    -  medical report
  • Psychiatric disorders (diagnosis F32.2, F33.2)
    -  medical report
  • Permanent disability level of at least 55% or disability class 11, resulting from an illness or disability and affecting movement  
    - medical report, disability class clearly indicated
  • Breast cancer (post-operation)
    - medical report
  • Children with a disability, long-term illness or requiring special support  
    - medical report

- The processing period for medical reports is 2-3 weeks.
- A separate application form is not required.
- The decision will be sent to the customer’s home, and it must be presented when getting the card.
- Medical reports will not be processed at the reception desks of swimming halls. The reports, along with the customer’s contact information, must be sent every five years to the Sports Services at the following address:

City of Helsinki, Sports Services
application for special swimming card / Liikuntaan aktivointi
PO Box 25400
FI-00099 City of Helsinki

Misuse of the card will result in the card being revoked.

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