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Gyms and weightlifting rooms

Kontulan kuntokellari gym, foto: Konsta Linkola


Indoor sports facilities will be closed in Helsinki due to coronavirus restrictions. The facilities will remain closed until 31.1.2021. The objective of the new coronavirus restrictions is to stop the spread of the virus in the Metropolitan Area. The coronavirus coordination group encourages private operators to comply with the same restrictions.

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Sports Services also has 12 gyms and 5 weight-training halls in Helsinki. The gyms are equipped with modern fitness devices that enable versatile gym training. The weight-training halls are best suited for lifting and weight training. In the Töölö Sports Hall, you may exercise in the gym, the fitness area or the weight-training hall.

The following is a list of the gyms and weight-training halls:

Gym cards and fees can be paid with the following sports vouchers: Sports and culture voucher (Smartum), Virikeseteli (Nets) and Tyky voucher (RTJ).

05.01.2021 15:41