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EcoCompass in the City’s sports facilities

Environmental work in the City of Helsinki’s sports facilities is carried out based on the EcoCompass environmental management system or following its principles. EcoCompass actions visible to the customers include sorting of waste, decreasing the consumption of electricity (including the optimisation of HVAC systems, switching to LED lights, and increasing the number of motion detectors), and decreasing water consumption (waterless toilets, push buttons for showers, adjustments of water flow).

The EcoCompass system has ten criteria related to the structure of the system, legislation, training of personnel, waste management, energy saving, acquisitions, and logistics. EcoCompass is a light environmental management tool that offers a systematic method for environmental management. The objective of the tool is to have a positive impact on the state of the environment, and to ensure that customers receive sustainable services that are as environmentally friendly as possible.

Environmental friendliness

The special features of the EcoCompass system include concentration on tangible actions, ready-to-use tools, and personal support for practical implementation from an EcoCompass counsellor.

EcoCompass is based on similar Nordic environmental management systems and international standards on environmental management

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The following sports facilities of the City of Helsinki use the EcoCompass system

For further information on the EcoCompass actions at individual sports facilities, please contact the respective Hall Managers.

04.05.2021 13:29