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Saunas, foto: Jonna Pennanen

Sauna bathing on the mainland and on islands

Depending on the location  the saunas offered by the City can accommodate 4 - 50 people. Bookable and public sauna hours are available in many island areas such as Kaunissaari, Uunisaari and Pihjalasaari. Saunas like this are also available on the mainland in unique locations and along excellent public transport connections. In the city, saunas can be found at Rastila Camping site and at the hiking lodges in Paloheinä and Maunula.

The booking prices for the saunas vary. It is even possible to book a fireplace room or other separate space while booking the sauna at some locations (e.g. Luukki, Pirttimäki and Salmi).

31.05.2022 15:57