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Malkasaari, foto: City of Helsinki

In Eastern Helsinki, south from Rastila in Kallahdenselkä

Period 5.6. - 15.8.2020

Inquiries and reservations

- primarily by e-mail

- by phone +358 9 310 78517 Mon - Sun 8-22

- the keys are picked up for a deposit of €35 from the reception at Rastila Camping (addr. Karavaanikatu 4), and dropped off at the same place when the reservation ends during the same evening.

Self-service sauna

- EUR 30 per hour
- can be reserved 12.00 - 21.00, min. 3 hours
- the sauna takes 4-5 persons
- the sauna water is taken from the well
- the firewood from Rastila when picking up the key
- the customer cleans the sauna

24.11.2020 15:07

Malkasaari outdoor area

Wooded island with rocky beaches on the north side.

Rastila Camping Helsinki

5-star Rastila Camping Helsinki is located in Vuosaari in eastern Helsinki.