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Everyman's rights

Everyman's rights and obligations

  • You can walk, ski or bike freely in the countryside - except in someone's yard or a field or plantation that you might damage.
  • You can pick wild berries, mushrooms and flowers (as long as they are not protected species). Leave lichen and moss alone, however. Do not harm trees, bushes or other plants.
  • Do not disturb animals or nesting birds.
  • Dogs or other pets are not allowed to run free.
  • Driving vehicles off-road is not allowed without the landowner's permission.
  • Angling and jigging are permitted, but other types of fishing require a licence.
  • You may swim and wash freely.
  • Making a fire is only allowed in shelters built for this purpose or using a camp stove.
  • Everyone must handle fire with special care and prevent it from spreading.
  • Waste must be placed in bins or burned. If there are no bins, you must take your own waste with you.
  • On city-owned land camping is allowed only at designated camping sites. Temporary camping is allowed elsewhere provided it is far enough from houses.
  • Everyone has the right to use water areas for boating and temporary anchorage.
  • Avoid disturbing other people and do not enter a closed water area.
  • Give a wide berth to fish nets and people fishing from a boat or the shore.
  • Constantly driving a noisy motorboat or jet ski near an inhabited area is not allowed.
  • You can use shore areas for rest and recreation where access is permitted to waters.
  • Landing may be prohibited in nature reserves, for example, during the nesting season. Even if there are no signs, you should avoid bird waters and the outer islands during the nesting season. Do not use someone's private dock without permission.
  • When you land remember to pull the boat far enough and tie it properly.
  • You may use islands and recreation areas owned by the City of Helsinki at your own risk.

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