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More information on recreation

Rowing at Lähteelä, foto: Konsta Linkola

The natural areas close to the city, as well as the large parks and forests, are open to all and offer a great environment for a wide variety of recreational activities. In the core of Helsinki city, Keskuspuisto Park opens up to the north. In addition, the city has over 5,000 hectares of recreational areas in their natural state in the neighbouring municipalities. Short-term camping in some recreational areas and on a few islands is possible.

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Cycling and walking

Information on cycling and walking routes.

Nature excursions and trails

City of Helsinki organizes guided nature excursions. They are a good way to get to know nature in Helsinki. -service

The service provides seasonal information on the usability of ski tracks, ice skating rinks and beaches, such as the condition of ski tracks and ice skating rinks and the cyanobacterium status on beaches.