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Koti- and Villaluoto

Koti- ja Villaluodot, foto: City of Helsinki


Eastern Helsinki, east side of Laajasalo, group of four islands

No public traffic


The Kotiluoto and Villaluoto islands are wooded areas with rocky shores. The main building on Kotiluoto is protected and has been rented by the Helsinki Navigation Club and the Eastern Helsinki Yacht Club. There are three islands in the Villaluoto group (east, west and north). Together the islands cover 5.5 hectares.


- open grill on Kotiluoto
- cooking shelters on northern and eastern Villaluoto
- well on Kotiluoto
- toilets on Kotiluoto and northern and eastern Villaluoto
- landing-stages on Kotiluoto. Boats may not be tied to the docks on Kotiluoto. There are no docks on the Villaluoto islands
- camping is allowed in northern and eastern Villaluoto, western island is intended for day time camping. 

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