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Vaakkoi recreational area


Mon - Fri 8.00 - 15.00 tel. +358 40 630 2830, hall master Reko Junnonen


In Espoo, 28 km from Helsinki, by the border of the municipalities of Espoo and Vihti, next to the Vanha Porintie road.

Public traffic

Buses taking Vihdintie stop in Vaakkoi. These depart from the Helsinki bus station.


Vaakkoi is a forested wilderness area scattered with numerous rocks and ponds. Vaakkoi is suitable for experienced orienteerers and hikers who do not require organised outdoor recreation services.

The Kalattoman suo ('Fishless mire') at Vaha Majalampi is a pond slowly changing into a swamp with flark-bog shores. The peat lands are mainly pine-growing fens or sedge- and reed-growing marshes.


- No outdoor recreation services
- The nearest services are in Luukki, about 5 km away
- Camping and open fires are not allowed in the area
- Parking by Vihdintie
- Information board by Vihdintie, sign to old tar pit
- Hiking lodge for members of Helsingin Latu
- Lean-to shelter in Kämmenlampi, for 6 persons, free to use
- Toilets by the Vihdintie road and in Saarijärvi beach
- Hiking trails; no marked routes, by the parking lot, you can find a sign which directs you to an old tar-burning pit a few hundred metres away
- Fishing is allowed in the ponds in the area: Vaakkoi, Saaren Musta, Iso and Pikku Lehmälampi
- For all enquiries regarding fishing licenses, please contact: 

Fishing Manager

Jukka Linder
tel. +358 9 310 87964

09.11.2021 10:25

Vaakkoi Hiking lodge

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