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Pirttimäki recreation area

Pirttimäki, foto: Konsta Linkola

Enquiries, info

Pirttimäki Kahvila Ukén tel. +358 45 123 7040, (in Finnish)


tel. +358 45 123 7040,
- saunas, club room; Pirttimäki Café


In Espoo 26 km from Helsinki, between Lake Bodominjärvi and Lake Nuuksion Pitkäjärvi


From Helsinki along Turunväylä or Turuntie or from Ring III to Kunnarlantie


The Pirttimäki and Karjakaivo outdoor recreation areas form an extensive whole. The landscape was shaped by the last Ice Age and is quite hilly. Impressive features include steep cliffs, erratic boulders, scenic lakes and ponds, lush bogs and mires. There is also a 1.8-hectare walnut grove in the area.

The City of Helsinki purchased the Dahlbacka forest estate in 1946. It soon became known by the Finnish name Pirttimäki. As a result of subsequent purchases, the area has grown to its present size of over 430 hectares.


- Parking lot near the main building
- Information board near the main building
- Cafe in the main building, in the eastern part of the area near Kunnarlantie
- Club room in the main building, can also be used for meetings and training sessions
- Hut with fireplace near the main building, open Mon - Sun 9.00 - 16.00
- Saunas near the main building
- WC in Sorlampi, Hynkänlampi and Sulalampi
- 4 Cooking shelters, fires are not allowed elsewhere
- Playground and ball fields near the main building, suitable for badminton, volleyball and football
- Outdoor recreation routes 20 km of marked routes, including 16 km with stone dust surface and 4 km with natural surface. In winter routes are used as cross-country skiing tracks (classic), longest 8 km and shortest 3 km, connecting routes Pirttimäki - Karjakaivo - Solvalla, about 7.5 km and Pirttimäki - Luukkaa, about 8 km. Nature trails 5 km, network of control points
- Restrictions on rod fishing, fishing is possible in Pikku-Sorlampi, Malmilampi, Sulalampi, part of Lajalampi and Hynkänlampi

Nearest built-up area

- about 8 km

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Saunas near the main building (in Finnish)