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Pakilantie 124
00670 Helsinki
+358 9 310 64155
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Paloheinä outdoor area, foto: City of Helsinki


Paloheinä is a place where habitation, traditional agricultural landscape, and forest meet. Paloheinä is the main centre for outdoor activities in Central Park. The showers and cafe are open during the opening hours of the hiking lodge.

Paloheinä is a popular place for competitions: over 200 competitions are held there each year in cross-country running, orienteering, and skiing.

Guided nature excursions start in summer from the lodge. There are allotments around Elontie area between Pirkkola and Paloheinä.

Opening hours
Mon - Fri 10.00 - 20.00
Sat, Sun 10.00 - 18.00


- saunas
- meeting and club room
- jogging tracks 1.8 km, 3.0 km, 5.2 km, 7.5 km, used in winter as skiing tracks
- roller ski track 2 km, asphalt surface, on the west side of the hill
- trail for skiers with dogs
- Paloheinä Golf 
- c ross-country skiing centre (in winter) with ski rentals, maintenance and waxing service provided by Suomen Latu, tel. +358 44 722 6328

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Paloheinä Golf

Paloheinä Golf is the most popular golf centre in Finland and is based on the principle of pay and play.

Paloheinä Skiing Service

At Suomen Latu ski service we do our best to serve you. Our staff is here to take good care of you and of all your needs. Ski service is located in Paloheinä, Helsinki.