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Myllypuro sports park

Myllytontunpolku 1
00920 Helsinki
+358 9 310 87995
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Myllypuro, foto: Sofie Jokinen


tel. +358 9 310 87995


The main trail to northeast Helsinki runs through the Myllypuro Sports Park, which has large playing fields covered in grass and sand. The rinkball field serves as a hockey rink in winter.

The trail through Vartiokylä and Mellunkylä to Mellunmäki is used as a skiing track in winter. There is a 0.7 km jogging path with exercise equipment in Mellunmäki. From here one can proceed to the Mustavuori outdoor recreation area with its walking and biking trails. The 2.4 km lighted jogging path is also used for free-style and classic skiing in the winter. Part of the area is protected and nature trips are conducted here.


- jogging tracks
- Itäkeskus swimming hall
- Liikuntamylly
- Myllypuro Pallomylly
- Myllypuro Indoor skating hall  
- Smash Center, Tennis Club

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