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Luukki recreation area

Luukki, foto: Konsta Linkola

Enquiries, reservations

- caravan spaces, season reservations, sauna  
Ravintola Laguna 
tel. +358 9 597 979,  +358 50 407 3433,


Luukki does not have camping facilities


In Espoo on both sides of Vihdintie, 23 km from Helsinki


The heart of Luukki, which is one of the most popular outdoor recreation areas in the Helsinki region, is an old manor. The area includes 20 hectares of forest inhabited by flying squirrels. Helsinki purchased Luukki in 1961. The area covers over 900 hectares.


- Parking lots near the main building and the golf course, at Kaitalampi and Halkolampi
- Information boards near the main building and next to Vihdintie at Kaitalampi
- Luukin Kartano / Restaurant Laguna
- Hut with fireplace 
- Sauna
- Caravan area; 48 spaces near the main building, washing and laundry facilities and electricity, winter use possible
- 7 Cooking shelters, 1 campfire sites. Fires are not allowed elsewhere
- Bathing site near the main building, with beach and cold showers, toilet in sauna building and locker rooms
- Playground near the main building
- Ball field near the main building
- Golf golf course near Kaitalampi
- Marked Outdoor recreation routes; 15 km with stone dust surface, 7 km with natural surface, in winter routes are used as cross-country skiing tracks (classic). Nature trails 8.5 km, network of control points, dog enclosure
- Recreational fishing is possible in ponds and lakes, which have natural fish stocks, at Kaitalampi and Halkolampi, which are stocked with game fish such as rainbow trout, a separate permit is required, available from (in Finnish).

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Restaurant Laguna