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Karjakaivo outdoor recreation area

Enquiries, info

Mon - Sun 7.00 - 15.30 tel. +358 9 310 28475, fax +358 9 310 24013
Mon - Fri 8.00 - 15.00 tel. +358 40 630 2830, Hall master Reko Junnonen


In Espoo 30 km from Helsinki, between Bodominjärvi and Nuuksio Pitkäjärvi


From Helsinki along Vanha Turuntie, the Turku motorway or Ring III to Nupurintie and then Nuuksiontie.


The 460 hectare outdoor recreation area of Karjakaivo is situated 30 kilometres from Helsinki, on the north side of Nuuksiontie road. It is a peaceful outing area with its steep cliffs, erratic boulders, mires and wetlands. In addition to the steep cliffs there is also plenty of easily accessible terrain. From the adjacent Solvalla sports academy you can access short round tours.


- Parking by the Solvalla sports collage, in the northeast part of the area near Hauklampi
- Cafe situated by the Solvalla sports collage
- Hiking trails; the marked stone dust surfaced routes (5.5 km and 3.3 km) are lighted, skiing track in winter (classic and free-style), connecting route Pirttimäki - Karjakaivo - Solvalla is 7.5 km, other routes can be planned north to the Vaakkoi or Salmi recreational areas and via Pirttimäki to Luukki
- Network of control points
- Possibility of rock climbing by Nuuksiontie road
- Recreational fishing is allowed in Iso Sikalampi. Pikku Sikalampi, Meerlampi, Kolmperä, Valkialampi, Pikku-Orajärvi and in those parts of Urja, Karjakaivo and Ruuhijärvi, which are owned by the City of Helsinki

Nearest population centre

- about 12 km

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Nuuksio Nature centre

The Finnish Nature Center Haltia is a modern exhibition and event centre bringing all Finland’s nature jewels under one roof.

Solvallan Sports collage

Solvalla is a national sports institution in Nuuksio, Espoo, beside Lake Pitkäjärvi.