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Sea bird hunting

Sea bird hunting, foto: Toni Ruuska

Sea bird hunting seasonstart September 10 and ending December 31.

- Sea birds can be hunted on 14 islands owned by the City of Helsinki. These are in the outer archipelago. The islands are marked on the map of Helsinki's fishing waters.

- price €13 / period
- permits can only be sold to local residents who have a hunting licence
- permits can be purchased from the beginning of September from the Sports Services office at the Töölö Sports Hall Töölön kisahalli, Paavo Nurmen kuja 1 E
Open: Mon - Fri 9 - 16, tel. 09 310 87759, 09 310 87760
- a valid hunting licence must be presented in order to purchase a permit

The Sports Department's fishing supervisors also supervise bird hunting in cooperation with the police and the local game management association. More information Fishing manager Jukka Linder, tel.09 310 87964, 040 692 7762.

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