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Meri-info information point

People fishing in Vanhankaupunginkoski

The information point for fishing is on the Kuninkaankartanonsaari Islands at Vanhankaupunginkoski, at address Viikintie 1. In addition to matters related to fishing licences, the fishing inspectors give information on the arrangements of fishing, as well as the amount of catches and other topics. The info point also has fishing and outdoor activity brochures, for example, a map of fishing areas in Helsinki and hiking and cycling maps. During the summer season, angling groups are organised from the beginning of May to the beginning of September.

The Fishing Info also sells the city’s fishing licences for both lure fishing and passive fishing (with a fishnet or fish trap, for example). Licences can paid only with the debit cards.

Opening hours   
Mon  Fri 9.00 - 16.00 
Sat and Sun closed

Traffic connections
By bus: Bus lines 57, 68, 71, 71V, 74 and 506 stop at the Vanhakaupunki bus stop at Viikintie.
Bus lines 70, 70T, 73, 75, 77 and regional buses 730-742  stop at the Kustaa Vaasa road near the Koskela depot.
By tram: Tram lines number 6 and 8. End stop in Arabianranta at the Kaj Franck plaza, from which the distance is 1.5 kilometres on foot. View the beach route from the cycling and walking journey planner.
By car: There is a large car park in Pornaistenniemi (at the address Jokisuuntie), check the map for details.
By walking and cycling: Excellent routes go to the Kuninkaankartanonsaari Island from the city centre, Viikki and along the Vantaanjoki River.

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