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Visitor fishing licence

Non-Helsinki residents and foreign nationals can purchase a visitor fishing licence for The City of Helsinki owned water areas.
- €10 for a day per person (from 00.00 to 24.00)
- €15 for a week per person
- Annual fee €40 per person

- The licence covers trodding and fly fishing in sea areas, on the Vantaa River, Ruutinkoski, Pitkäkoski and the Vanhankaupunginkoski backwater, as well as hand-net fishing (fishing is not allowed from boats and rings in these special-licence areas), also in City recreational areas (except for Kaitalampi and Halkolampi).
- 18- to 64-year-olds must have paid the fishing management fee when purchasing the licence.
- Visitors are not allowed to use immobile traps (with the exception of City of Helsinki employees).

13.01.2017 12:46