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Sea rescue directions

Sea rescue boat

If you or someone else encounter an emergency at sea, call the maritime rescue services emergency number 0294 1000 or emergency number 112.

Before embarking on a boat ride, inspect the boat’s condition and the amount of fuel, plan your route in advance and be prepared for any weather changes.

Before setting out
- make sure your boat and equipment are in working order
- check the weather situation and forecast
- make sure you have enough fuel, including spare fuel
- inform relatives or acquaintances of your route plans and boat markings
- if your plans change, remember to pass on this information
- check communications equipment and remember that a reliable VHF phone improves safety

Emergency number 0294 1000
Gulf of Finland Search and Rescue Area
Maritime Rescue Subcentre
MRSC HELSINKI 020 410 02

Radio frequencies
VHF - channel 16
MF frequency 2182 kHz
MF-DSC 2187.5 kHz

In an emergency or danger situation state:
- your name (the name of your vessel) and contact information
- the location as precisely as possible
- what has happened
- if anyone is hurt or lives are in danger
- what help is needed
Do not break the connection until you receive permission!

Common emergency signals
- "MAYDAY" on radio phone
- red parachute rocket
- SOS (...---...) with light or sound
- red hand flare
- slow and repeated raising and lowering of arms extended to the sides
- steady sound signal with a fog horn, for example

Only use emergency signals in a real emergency or when you need help!

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