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Boat police

Boat police

The Boat Police is responsible for maintaining public order and safety in coastal areas. It monitors boat traffic and responds to emergencies on the water and the archipelago, such as intoxicated boaters and boating accidents.

If the police is needed in water areas and the archipelago, a patrol boat can be requested by calling the emergency number 112.

During the sailing season enquiries concerning lost property in water areas and the archipelago should also be directed to the Boat Police. 

Lost boats such as dinghies that have come untied from the stern of yachts often end up at the Boat Police’s dock.

Remember that the legal limit for operating a boat is 1 promille of alcohol in the bloodstream.


  • Boating and alcohol do not mix.
  • Every person in a boat must have a life jacket. 
  • Fire extinguishers must be regularly inspected. 
  • Do not disturb the environment.
  • Observe boating rules and speed limits. 
  • Be sure to have the necessary documents with you.


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