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Boat berths

Salmisaari marina

The coastal location of Helsinki offers great opportunities for boating. Boat harbours are managed by the Sports Services of Helsinki and several boat clubs and associations.

Helsinki has several tens of boat harbours with a total of 12,000 boat spaces. A third of the spaces are rented directly to boat owners. The remaining boat spaces have been rented to boat clubs and sailing societies, which, in turn, rent them out to their members.

Applying for a berth

Berths are applied for by using an electronic form as of 17 January 2019. You can find the online form here: Using the electronic form is free of charge. You can still use a paper form to submit your application, which you must bring to the customer services department of the boat berth reservation service personally. This is subject to a handling fee of EUR 8. 

The customer service department for berth reservation is located in the Töölö Sports Hall at Paavo Nurmen kuja 1 E. Service hours 9.00–16.00 Monday–Friday. Advice over the telephone is available 9.00–14.00 Monday–Friday by calling +358 9 310 87900.

Please consider the following when selecting the harbours on your application 

The more harbours you select for your preference list, the more likely it is that you will be offered a berth. Applications for changing of berths are processed first.  For this reason, you should also select harbours marked in green for your list and accept any berth offered to you, even if it is not located in the harbour of your choice. Once you have been assigned a berth, you can apply to move to your desired harbour. This is often the fastest way of receiving a berth in the harbour of your choice, especially if your number one choice is marked in red on the electronic form. 

Processing schedule of berth applications

We will contact you if a berth has become available in February to May. We will offer you a berth by SMS. If you have not received an offer of a berth by the end of May, you have not been assigned a berth of your choice in this round. You will not be separately notified of not receiving a berth. If this is the case, your application will remain with us for the next round of berth assignments in the spring until further notice. 

On what basis are the berths assigned?

Residents of Helsinki and other people, companies or communities may rent a berth from Sports Services of the City of Helsinki. New berths and berths that have become available are assigned each year in the order the applications have arrived. However, berths are first offered to residents of Helsinki who are already renting a berth and have indicated that they wish to exchange their berth. Then, berths are offered to applicants who reside in Helsinki and then to applicants who do not live in Helsinki.

Agreement terms pertaining to leasing a boat harbour berth from the City of Helsinki

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Boat harbours

Airoranta boat harbour
Aurinkolahti boat harbour / Aurinkoranta 1
Aurinkolahti boat harbour / Pursilahdenranta
Eläintarhanlahti boat harbour
Hietalahdenallas boat harbour
Honkaluoto boat harbour
Hopeasalmi boat harbour
Katajanokka boat harbour
Kipparlahti boat harbour
Koivuniemi boat harbour
Laivalahti boat harbour
Lähteelä boat harbour
Merihaka boat harbour / Hakaniemenranta 13
Merihaka boat harbour / Merihaka F
Meri-Rastila boat harbour
Merisatama boat harbour, Ehrenströmintie
Merisatama boat harbour, Merisatamanranta
Merisatama boat harbour, Merisatamanranta 8
Mustikkamaa boat harbour
Nandelstadh boat harbour
Naurissalmi boat harbour
Pajalahti venesatama
Pikku Kallahti boat harbour
Pohjoisranta boat harbour
Porslahti boat harbour
Puotila boat harbour
Ramsaynranta boat harbour (A)
Ruoholahti boat harbour, Jaalanranta
Ruoholahti boat harbour, Kellosaarenranta
Ruoholahti boat harbour, Ruoholahdenkanava
Salmisaari boat harbour
Sarvasto boat harbour
Saukonpaasi boat harbour
Saunalahti boat harbour
Siltavuori boat harbour
Strömsinlahti boat harbour
Tammasaarenallas boat harbour
Tervasaari boat harbour
Vasikkasaari boat harbour
Vuosaarenlahti boat harbour
Vähäniitty boat harbour

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