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Veterinary services

Helsinki City has no medical services for animals. In case of sickness or other need for veterinary treatment, pet owners may make an appointment to one of the many private animal clinics or to the veterinary teaching hospital.
The Veterinary Teaching Hospital (Viikintie 49) offers veterinary services to animals from Helsinki in modern facilities. The contact information and opening hours can be found on the hospitals web page. The hospital is open 24 h for accidents and emergencies.
• Small animal hospital
• Equine hospital

Viikki animal shelter

Viikki animal shelter is the official animal shelter where stray animals from Helsinki, Espoo, Kauniainen, Kirkkonummi and Vantaa are taken care of. Further information:

Etusivu - Viikin löytöeläintalo

Koetilantie 13

Tel. 044 198 0778

Viikki animal shelter on the map:,+00790+Helsinki/@60.2230407,25.0188139,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x469208e301e62837:0xb6c443a2c6300d85!8m2!3d60.2230407!4d25.0210026

Animal import and export

The finnish food authority offers information about import and export of animals and animal products on their website. To get the accurate, reliable export requirements of other countries it is recommended to contact the embassy of the recipient country. It is also recommended to verify the import requirements of Finland before importing. More information can be found from food authority through the link at the bottom of this page.

In case an official veterinary certificate is required, it will be written by the official veterinarian of Helsinki City after clinical examination of the animal.

Appointments for import and export inspections can be done by phone or by email during telephone hours.

Animal welfare counselling telephone hours
Mon - Fri 9.00 - 10.00
Tel. +358 9 310 31531
e-mail kymp.elaintenvienti(at)
Counselling in import and export matters are given by the official veterinarians preferably during telephone hours Mon - Fri 9.00 - 10.00, or by email kymp.elaintenvienti(at)
In urgent matters during office hours (Mon- Fri 8- 16) you may reach the official veterinarians tel. 09 310 37761, 09 31032025 or 09 310 32076.
Information concerning Ukrainian pets:

Injured wild animals

Korkeasaari Zoo cares for injured wild animals. After rehabilitation the animals are released back in the nature. Korkeasaari Zoo receives wild animals every day during opening hours. They have no possibility to pick up the animals. Taking an animal to the hospital needs to be arranged with the animal hospital personnel. Counselling on wild animal matters is open daily tel. 040 334 2954.

Local rescue departments are responsible also for animal rescue. However, unnecessary contacts to emergency number 112 should be avoided.

Deceased wild animals

Deceased small wild animals may be destroyed within mixed waste if needed. Helsinki city official veterinarians may give instructions for destroying massive wild animals if needed from Monday to Friday 9-10 tel. 09 310 31531, 09 310 32076, 09 310 37761 or 09 31032025.

Food authority performs autopsies for deceased animals. Further information can be found:

In case there are many deceased animals at the same area during short period of time, it is necessary to contact official veterinarians. Veterinarians asses if there is a possibility of a contagious disease.

Avian influenza may be suspected if several birds are found dead from the same area. For example, more than on swan, more than five other aquatic birds or more than ten other species of birds are found it is necessary to contact official veterinarians. Further information can be found from the food authority netpage:

In case wild boar is found dead, it is necessary to contact official veterinarians. Carcass or samples from it should be examined for African swine fever. Further information

Controlling highly contagious animal diseases

Animal disease control is on the responsibility of the official veterinarians. Counselling: Mon- Fri 9-10 09 310 31531. In urgent matters you may reach the official veterinarians tel. 09 310 32076, 09 310 37761 or 09 31032025.

To prevent animal diseases from spreading, it is highly important that authorities are aware where animals are kept. Legislative obligation to register as animal keeper and identification of the animals is required for wide spectrum of animals. 

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