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Haltiala farm

The cows of Haltiala farm are outside all year round, and they can be seen in the yard enclosure in winter and grazing on pasture in summer. The farm also has sheep, pigs and chickens. They are outside from summer to autumn and can be seen from morning to evening. In the winter and spring seasons, they are indoors.

Haltiala farm is a particularly popular destination among families with children.

Guided tours for daycare and school groups must be scheduled in advance.

• Address: Laamannintie 17
• Free entry to the yard area Mon–Sun at 7:00–20:00
• Haltiala farm customer service:, tel. 09 310 38000. The telephone service is open Tue–Thu at 8:00–10:00.

Good to know when visiting the farm

• Parking areas are marked separately. No cars are allowed in the yard area of the farm and the restaurant. Parking in the yard area only for the farm staff.
• Only the animal keepers are allowed inside the animal pens and outdoor enclosures.
• Feeding the animals is prohibited. The animals have species-appropriate feeding programmes to guarantee their well-being.
• Visitors must behave calmly and avoid unnecessary noise when near the animals.

Picking flowers and peas

In addition to traditional farming cereals, the farm staff grow peas and flowers on some fields for visitors to pick free of charge in July and August. The exact time varies depending on when the peas are ripe and the flowers bloom. The fields are adorned with sunflowers, among others. The farm has signposts that indicate where visitors are allowed to pick flowers and peas. There is a limit to how much visitors can pick to ensure that there is enough for as many people as possible.

Other services

Haltiala farm also features a barbecue grill that can be used freely between 7:00 and 20:00. Users must bring their own firewood or charcoal. The grill cannot be reserved in advance.

The yard area of the farm and the grilling area must be empty between 20:00 and 7:00. The area and the animal facilities have recording camera surveillance and guarding.

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