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Haltiala farm

The Haltiala farm is like a piece of the Finnish countryside. The farm gives visitors an opportunity to acquaint themselves with domestic farm animals.

Flowers and peapods picked for free

In addition to traditional grains, the Haltiala farm cultivates peas and flowers on some fields, and city residents are welcome to pick them for free in July-August. The exact dates vary depending on when the peas are ripe and the flowers bloom. The flowers include sunflowers, rye flowers and cotton. The farm is equipped with signs that guide visitors to the fields where they can pick the produce. The amount of produce picked by one person is limited in order that as many people as possible can enjoy the harvest.

Other services

Visitors are served by the restaurant and cafe Wanha Pehtoori. There is a grill that can be used free of charge by anyone from 7–23, but you should bring your own wood or coals.

Address of the Haltiala farm:

Laamannintie 17

Free admission
Daycare centres should book visits in advance.

Farm manager Jari Kuusinen:
Tel. +355 500 607 444


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