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Dog park rules

The responsibility for a dog in a dog park lies with the minder.

- Enter the dog park first, before the dog.
- Keep the gates closed at all times.
- Stay with the dog; do not leave the dog alone.
- Remember that many dogs are not used to children.
- You can easily get your clothes dirty in a dog park, so don’t wear your best outfit.

If the dog park is divided into separate sections for small and large dogs, follow the division.

- A small dog is less than 40cm in height and weighs no more than 15kg.
- Do not take a large dog into the small dogs’ section. A small dog can join large dogs at the minder’s responsibility.

Keep the dog unleashed.

- Make sure that your dog gets along with other dogs. If you’re not sure how your dog will behave, take your dog out of the park when other dogs enter.
- To ensure the dog’s safety, always remove the collar or harness when entering a dog park.
- Dogs in heat and sick dogs are not allowed in dog parks.
- Make sure that your dog has been properly vaccinated.
- A dog’s own toys are not allowed in dog parks. It is also not allowed to throw toys, sticks, snowballs or other items in dog parks.

Keep a dog park clean and control your dog (Public Order Act Chapter 4 Clause 14).

- The Public Order Act requires you to clean up after your dog and remove your dog’s waste to a waste container.
- Protect the area’s plants and structures.
- Do not let your dog dig holes – holes risk general safety.
- Make sure that your dog doesn’t disturb the neighbourhood with its barking or otherwise, especially during nighttime from 22:00 to 7:00 (Public Order Act Chapter 2 Clause 3).
- You can report vandalism that compromises general safety and defects that endanger dogs to the Public Works Department’s Customer Service.

By adhering to these rules at all dog parks maintained by the City of Helsinki, you help to ensure that dogs and their minders have pleasant moments in the parks. These rules were produced by the City in cooperation with Helsingin Seudun Kennelpiiri (the Helsinki region kennels).  


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