Winter Garden

Winter Garden. Photo: Mika Lappalainen.

The Winter Garden has been a recreational meeting place for the residents of Helsinki for over a century. No matter what season it is, the elaborate oasis of exotic plants invites you to take a tour of the greenery. In addition to the plants, the splashing barbels in the pools delight visitors. In the summertime and even in the autumn, a passer-by can admire the marvellous Rose Garden in front of the Winter Garden.

Groups of students and pensioners, single residents, travellers and groups from kindergartens, schools, enterprises and societies are all enticed by the Winter Garden. Guided tours should be negotiated in advance.

Behind the Winter Garden lies the city garden that cultivates summer flowers for the city parks. The city garden is closed to the public.

Bloom in Three Rooms

The Winter Garden houses over 200 different plants. The palm room holds not only palms but also island pines and over hundred-year-old camellia trees, which are the oldest plants in the Winter Garden. In the western wing, there are saw palmettos, King Sago Palms, a noble bat tree and some houseplants of old times. The cactus room is a realm of succulent plants and cacti.

Around Christmas time, azaleas, tulips, amaryllises, hyacinths and lilies of the valley are all in bloom. Easter is the time of daffodils and tulips.

Christmas 2015 at Winter Garden




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