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Cottages and allotments

Allotment gardens and allotments are popular leisure spots for people of all ages. They are used to grow vegetables and root crops for cooking as well as flowers and bushes for pleasure.

Allotments were built in the early decades of the 1900s, particularly for the purposes of the working population. The previously popular elitist thinking about parks was beginning to wane, and workers were starting to be seen as a central group to use green areas. Health and social benefits were important considerations in the planning of green areas.

Associations Organise the Activities

The City has leased the land areas for associations responsible for cottages, allotment gardening and allotments. These associations take care of administration and monitor compliance to the use and maintenance instructions. Individual tenants deal directly with the associations.

Enquiries on free allotments available for rent and cottages and allotment garden cottages for sale can be made with the associations. Sales advertisements can also often be found on the notice boards of the areas controlled by the associations.

Allotments are for General Recreational Use

Allotment areas and allotment gardens are for general recreational use, where walking is allowed in paths and other public areas. The allotments and cottages, including their gardens, are nevertheless private area belonging to the tenants, and their privacy must be respected.

In the cottage areas, walking outside of routes is also allowed. A cottage does not include a private garden, and the area is not meant for cultivation.


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