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Flea markets and markets

Helsinki has two permanent flea markets, one in Hietalahti (commonly called Hietsu) and the other at the Ylä-Malmi Square.


Stall places at the Hietalahti “Hietsu” flea market are purchased from the City of Helsinki Wholesale Market’s customer service or at the flea market on the same day. The summer season of the Hietsu flea market begins in April and closes in September. Hietsu also operates in winter, when stall places are sold for reduced prices. The easiest way to reach the flea market is by tram number 6 or by the metro either to the Kamppi or to the Ruoholahti station. The walking distance from Kamppi to Hietsu is less than one kilometre. Find the best way to reach Hietsu by public transport from Journey Planner.

Ylä-Malmi Square

The Ylä-Malmi Square flea market operates from Monday to Saturday. The stall places at the flea market cost the same as at the Hietalahti flea market, but the places do not come with stall tables, and the payments are made on location to a market supervisor. The stall places at Ylä-Malmi Square do not need to be reserved in advance.


The Hakaniemi Market Square hosts a farmer’s market on the first Sunday of each month from 10–16.

Market at Ylä-Malmi Square in 2013

Saturday, 7 December, 9–17

06.12.2019 17:54

Helsinki as a City of Events

Helsinki is an ideal scene for diverse national and international events. The City is compiling a descriptive catalogue of venues for events. Principles of event organization are being re-defined in terms of noise levels, fees for sites, and collaboration with both for-profit and non-profit organizations.