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Public saunas

The City of Helsinki Sports Department owns and rents several saunas located both in Helsinki and in recreational areas outside the city borders. Rastila Camping Helsinki rents three cozy saunas – two family saunas and a waterfront sauna.

Cultural sauna on Hakaniemi waterfront

The Cultural Sauna has separate, wood-pellet burning saunas for women and men, open from Wednesday to Sunday. Admission is from 16.00–20.00 and the saunas close at 21.00. The admission fee includes a sauna bench cover, and towels are available against a fee. Visitors are not allowed to bring their own drinks. No reservations are accepted, and groups have limited access. The closest parking can be found at the Hakaniemi bridge. The Cultural Sauna is open throughout the year. There is ice swimming in winter.

Sauna Arla

The Arla public sauna has served Helsinki residents since 1929. Located at the corner of Kaarlenkatu and Helsinginkatu in the Kallio district, Sauna Arla is part of the Helsinki city culture at its purest. The sauna burns both natural gas and wood. It is located at Kaarlenkatu 15.

Kotiharju Sauna

The Kotiharju public sauna has separate, wood-burning saunas for women and men and a sauna that can be rented by families and groups. The services include traditional washing and massage. It is located at Harjutorinkatu 1.

Click here for information on Kotiharju Sauna

Sauna Hermanni

Sauna Hermanni is a public sauna in the Hermanni district. It was founded in the 1950s. There are two saunas: the men’s sauna accommodates 30 and the women’s sauna accommodates 20. Visitors can bring their own refreshments or buy refreshments at the location.

Rastila Camping

Rastila Camping has three cozy saunas for rent – two small family saunas and a larger sauna on the water. The waterfront sauna is equipped with a grill and a fireplace. That sauna and one of the family saunas offer year-round swimming.

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