Indoor markets

Old Market Hall

The Old Market Hall has opened its doors again. Welcome to meet merchants and browse the selection.

Hietalahti Market Hall

The Hietalahti Market Hall is housed in an attractive building with plenty of natural light. It focuses on high-quality foodstuffs. Restaurants and cafés located at the ends of the long building offer snacks, lunch and dinner. In summer the restaurants expand their service to an outdoor terrace overlooking the highly popular Hietalahti flea market.  

Hakaniemi Market Place

The Hakaniemi Market Place is housed in a two-story hall. It is a lively and active indoor market that is full of tradition. It is very popular among local residents. The lower level abounds with a broad range of foodstuffs, while the upper level is reserved for goods, including handicraft, wood items, gifts, jewellery and ceramics. The upper level also houses a café, where a former Finnish president can often be seen sitting at her favourite table. The busy Hakaniemi Square accommodates an outdoor market, and the vicinity is home to many ethnic food markets. The square hosts a special market on the first Sunday of each month.


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