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Student assistance and support

All vocational upper secondary students at Stadin AO receive a personal competence development plan. In this plan, Stadin AO and the student can agree on any additional support methods for learning together. All members of the Stadin AO staff are committed to give the students the support they need for their studies.

Teaching and guidance utilises versatile pedagogic methodology. Learning can be supported with Finnish as a second language teaching, a wide range of preparatory studies and other special support tools.

In addition to teachers, Stadin AO has guidance counsellors, special needs teachers, school social workers, school psychologists and school nurses to support the students’ learning and health. All students can use the student healthcare services. Read more about School and student health care in Helsinki.

Stadin AO also has student activity coordinators to promote student well-being and participation.

For more information about the student assistance and support at Stadin AO, please get in touch with the Stadin AO special needs teachers or student welfare services.

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