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Preparatory education for vocational training (Valma)

In preparatory education, you will acquire the required capabilities to apply for a place in vocational training.

For who?

  • For persons who have completed their comprehensive education and want to improve their study skills before they pursue further education and training. Apply to Valma through the
  • For adults who want to improve their readiness to study in vocational training, such as immigrants or those planning a career change, for example. Continuous application

What is involved?

You will follow an individual study plan, according to which you will:

  • familiarise yourself with various professions and fields of study
  • strengthen your studying capabilities and everyday life skills
  • prepare yourself for working life in work practice periods.
  • During the preparatory training, it is also possible to take vocational studies and complete permit and card training.
  • The preliminary period for an apprenticeship can be part of the preparatory training. You can also transfer to apprenticeship training once you find a suitable apprenticeship training place.


The duration of the studies is between half a year and a year, and the scope is 30–60 credits. You can start the studies flexibly even after the school year has started.

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