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Preparatory training for vocational upper secondary education

The preparatory training course will give participants the skills they need to apply for vocational education and training. 

The course is aimed at students who have completed comprehensive school and who intend to undertake vocational education or training.

It is also suitable for adults who want to improve their readiness to study for a vocational upper secondary qualification, for example immigrants or those planning a career change.

The course provides an introduction to vocations and fields of vocational education and training, strengthens their study and life-management skills, and prepares participants for working life.

A study plan will be drawn up individually for each student. Participants can also take vocational studies during the course period. The preliminary period for an apprenticeship can be part of the preparatory course. If necessary it is possible to raise comprehensive school grades.

The duration of the studies is between half a year and a year, and the scope is 30–60 credits.

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