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Preparatory education for vocational training (Valma)

In preparatory education, you will acquire the skills and capabilities to apply for a place in vocational education and training.

For who?

  • For pupils who have completed their basic education and want to improve their study skills before they move on to vocational education and training. Apply to Valma through the
  • For adults who want to improve their readiness to study in vocational training, such as immigrants or those planning a career change, for example. Adult students can apply via flexibly throughout the year. 

What is involved?

You will follow an individual study plan, according to which you will:

  • familiarise yourself with various professions and fields of study
  • strengthen your studying capabilities and everyday life skills
  • prepare yourself for working life in practical work-life training periods.
  • During the preparatory training, it is also possible to take vocational studies and complete permit and card training.
  • The preliminary period for an apprenticeship can be part of the preparatory training. You can also transfer to apprenticeship training once you find a suitable apprenticeship training place.


The duration of the studies is from six months to a year, and the scope is 30–60 credits. You can start the studies flexibly even after the school year has started.

Valma, Luva and 10th grade will merge into Tuva in 2022

New preparatory training towards an upper secondary education qualification (Tuva training) will begin on 1 August 2022. It combines the previous preparatory training options that are Voluntary additional basic education (10th grade), Preparatory training for general upper secondary education (Luva) and Preparatory education for vocational training (Valma).

The duration of Tuva training is up to one year, during which the students can refine their plans for upper secondary studies, raise grades in basic education and complete parts of general upper secondary education and vocational education. Tuva training is aimed at students in compulsory education and anyone in the need of preparatory training.

Valma training will be offered until the end of school year 2022.

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