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Application to vocational upper secondary education

You can apply for initial vocational education through the joint application system or the continuous application process.

The joint application system

The joint application period in the spring is intended for those who are about to complete comprehensive school or the matriculation examination and those who have not completed an upper secondary level vocational qualification. Information on the grounds for admission in the joint application system, entrance and aptitude tests, language tests and health requirements are available in the online service.

Important dates

  • The application period is 23 February–7 April 2021
  • The application period closes on 7 April 2021 at 15:00 pm.
  • The results will be sent out on 17 June 2021 at the earliest. If you have given your email address in the application form, you will receive the results by email.
  • Remember to accept an offered study place by 1 July 2021.

The continuous application process

The continuous application process allows for applying for studies flexibly throughout the year. You can apply for degree studies or smaller sections of studies in the continuous application system.

The continuous application process is suited to many types of applicants:

  • applicants with a previous degree or degrees
  • those who have been left without a place of study in the joint application system
  • those who have acquired skills in working life or earlier studies
  • those looking for a change of career 
  • those applying for studies intended for athletes.

The application process is started by attending a continuous application process guidance and application event. There you will receive individual advice on finding the best studies for you. If necessary, we will also survey your study capabilities. You may start your studies flexibly in accordance with your personal study plan.

Applying for pre-vocational preparatory VALMA education

You can apply for pre-vocational preparatory education (VALMA) via the service from May to July (those completing their comprehensive education) or in the continuous application process (other applicants).

Other options before vocational training

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