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Subsidized private playgroup clubs

The City of Helsinki subsidizes playgroup club activities organized by private service providers with service vouchers. Private clubs are an alternative to municipal club activities and private daycare allowance.

Children can participate in 36-60 hours of playgroup club activities per month.

Who do the clubs serve?

Private playgroup club activities subsidized with service vouchers are intended for the following children in home care:

  • 2 to 5 year-olds whose parents receive maternity, paternity or parental allowance for a younger child
  • children whose parents are caring for children at home after parental leave and who receive a sibling supplement of the home care allowance
  • children who are in home care after age 3 and who are no longer entitled to the home care allowance.

Clubs supported by service tokens

Clubs supported by service tokens are clubs organised by private service providers and supervised by the city of Helsinki. Clubs run by private providers are an option for municipal day care, club activities and private care allowance.
The service token is worth 100 Euros per month. For more information contact day care consultant, tel. 09 3104 3206.

Private clubs subsidized with service voucher


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