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Applications for clubs beginning in the autumn should be submitted to the end of April. Otherwise, club applications can be submitted year-round.

Children are not allowed to participate in the play activities if their families receive private daycare allowance.

Submitting an electronic application

Applications to play clubs at playgrounds and daycare centres are submitted a daycare application electronically. When using the electronic service for the first time, you need to register and authenticate yourself using your online banking credentials. In order to apply electronically, the child must have a Finnish personal identity code.

Electronic application

Application using a form

Application for a club using a form is possible in the following situations:

  • the child does not have a Finnish personal identity code
  • the family does not have Finnish online banking credentials
  • electronic application is not possible for some other reason.

Take or post the completed form to the daycare provider you are primarily applying for.

Application for club activity (pdf, in Finnish)

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