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Playgroup clubs

Playgroup clubs facilitate contact between the families of children in home care and offer children the experience of being part of a playgroup. Playgroup club activities are aimed at children who are in home care from the age of two to the start of free-of-charge preschool education. Playgroup club activities are an alternative to municipal daycare and care organised with the private day care allowance.

Playgroup clubs operate 2.5–3 hours a day, 1–4 days a weekat daycare centres and playgrounds.
The operating term of playgroup clubs begins when school begins or at the latest on 1 September, and ends on 31 May. The clubs observe school breaks and holidays. Each child’s participation in hours per month is agreed upon with their family at the start of the operating term.

How to apply

Applications for playgroup clubs starting in the autumn can be submitted online until the end of April. You can also enquire about available places directly with playgrounds and daycare centres throughout the year.

List of playgrounds and daycare centres with playgroup clubs (in Finnish)

Privat clubs (in Finnish)

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