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Renting playground facilities

Use of playground facilities can be granted to external parties for the purpose of hosting family celebrations, organising activities and holding meetings in the evenings or during weekends, for example. Organisations and other operators can use the facilities for their meetings or for other operations aimed at municipal residents, for example.

The hourly rates for the temporary use of playground facilities by external parties are

  • weekdays: EUR 13.52/hour
  • weekends: EUR 20.34/hour

The prices are inclusive of VAT.

Use of playground facilities can be granted to event or activity organisers free of charge under the following conditions:

  • The facilities are used for activities or an event that is organised in collaboration with the Education Division.
  • The activities or event being organised supports the operations of the early childhood education service complex.

Facility reservations are submitted directly to playgrounds. The use of playground facilities is subject to a written agreement with the playground. The user of the facilities is responsible for the monitoring and cleaning of the facilities.

The user of the facilities is responsible for ensuring that the facilities are left in the same condition that they were in when access to the facilities was granted. The user commits to compensating for any damage caused to the facilities or the equipment therein during use. The facilities may not be used for any other purposes than the ones specified above or handed over to third parties.

The Education Division accepts no liability for any damage caused to the user of the facilities by inability to use the facilities.

If the reserved facilities are not used and the reservation is not cancelled by the latest on the previous weekday during the opening hours of the playground, the user will be charged for the use of the facilities in accordance with the reservation. Cancellations must be submitted in writing to the playground.

The Education Division shall not pay the user of the facilities (such as a performer) any fees or remuneration for expenses. The user of the facilities (such as a performer) commits to reporting any income other than the aforementioned income to the tax authorities.

More information is available from the playground instructors.

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