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Renting playground facilities

Playground facilities are rented for external use, for example for family celebrations, organising activities and meetings in the evenings and at weekends. Organisations and other actors can use the facilities, for example for their meetings and other activities they may arrange for the municipal residents.

The basic hourly fees charged for the temporary external use of the playground facilities of the Department of Early Education and Care are

  • on weekdays €13.52/hour
  • at weekends €20.34/hour

The prices include VAT.

The facilities can be given for use free-of-charge to the event or activity organiser in the following cases:

  • the facilities are used for activities or an event that is arranged together with the Department of Early Education and Care
  • the activities or event being organised support the operations of the Department of Early Education and Care.

Reservations are to be made directly with the playground. A written agreement on the use of the facilities is made at the playground. The user of the facilities will see to the supervision and cleaning of the facilities.

Watch the video about renting facilities

More information is available from the playground instructors.

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