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Sleep guidance at playgrounds

The play parks will launch sleep guidance in a group format for families where the parents feel that the “nightlife” of their 6–12-month-old baby is problematic: the baby is difficult to put to sleep, finds it difficult to fall asleep or the baby wakes up several times during the night.

Families will be provided with individual support in small groups. Each sleep guidance group will meet three times. The meetings will be organised approximately every two weeks starting at 4:30 pm, so that working parents can also attend. One group will comprise 6 to 7 families.

The sleep guidance method will be the so-called “paw method” with the goal of teaching the baby to fall asleep and sleep through the night without constant adult assistance. Parents will also be encouraged to solve the baby’s sleep issues with gentle home remedies.

Sleep guidance at playgrounds

06.12.2019 17:06