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'Park auntie' activities

The park auntie activities are meant for children under the school age and its primary purpose is to offer short-term care in the mornings.

The activities include supervised singing, playing and exercise. In the park, the children are free to play as they wish. The park auntie will assist and guide children in playing as needed.

Depending on the park, the activities may include puppet theatre, ball and water games, drawing and painting.
The park auntie activities are private, even though some of the aunties work for playgrounds that are subject to the Department of Early Education and Care. The activities are supervised by playground supervisors.

All activities take place outdoors. The minimum temperature is -12.


The service is applied directly from the park aunties.


Each park auntie sets her own service prices.

Observe the following:

  • You cannot bring a sick child to the park.
  • When you bring and pick up children, report to the park auntie.
  • The child’s personal toys are the responsibility of the parents.
  • Children are not insured against accidents.

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