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Language courses for immigrant parents

e Finnish and Swedish language courses are meant for parents who take care of their children at home. Priority enrolment is given to the parents who care for children of 1–3 years of age at home and receive home-care allowance and who do not have the opportunity to attend other language course.

Studying takes place twice a week either in the mornings or afternoons. During the courses, parents are offered appropriate training and social guidance as necessary. Child care is organised during the courses.

The courses usually last for one school year. Most courses begin in early September and end in late May. Registration is possible, if there are vacancies in the teaching and child group.

The instructors are teachers at Stadi Adult Education Centre and the Swedish Arbis Adult Education Centre. The children’s activities are organised by the playgrounds, family houses, organisations and Arbis for the part of Swedish courses.


The course is free-of-charge.


To register, please contact the course venue and fill out the application they give you. The filled in application needs to be returned to the playground or you can fill it in with the help of an instructor or teacher during the language teaching days.

Student places can be applied for year round. Registration is possible, if there are vacancies in the teaching and child group

Language course application

- Finnish, English (pdf, 93 kt)

- Arabic (pdf, 92 kt)

- Chinese (pdf, 73 kt)

- Persian, Dari (pdf, 138 kt)

- French (pdf, 123 kt)

- Somali (pdf, 75 kt)

- Russian (pdf, 210 kt)

Language course brochure (pdf, 35 kt)

Course locations and contact persons in the playgrounds and family houses

Southern and Central Helsinki

- Playground Lehdokki / Pasilan asukastalo, Seija Pihl, tel. 09 3104 2578

- Family House Sahrami, Malla Bister, tel. 09 3104 2316, e-mail

Western Helsinki

- Playground Kannelmäki

Northern Helsinki

- Playground Traktori, Hanna Simanainen, tel. 09 3105 8617

Eastern Helsinki

- Playground Myllynsiipi, tel. 09 3106 2984

- Family House Naapuri, Taru Lahtinen, tel. 09 3102 9190, opetus Kontulan ala-asteella

- Playground Tuorinniemi, Henna Niiles, tel. 09 3105 6515

- Playground Mustakivi

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