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Activities for families with children

In the mornings, playground instructors organise different kinds of supervised activities as well as outdoor recreational and sports events.

Children and parents can use the toys and equipment available in the playgrounds. Park activities vary according to the weekly rhythm and individual profile of the area.

Family houses organise various activity sessions, group activities and courses for all families with children in Helsinki. The family houses distribute information on childcare, upbringing and child development.

Parks and family houses offer families opportunities to meet with other families in the same situation in life and to share experiences of the everyday life of families with children.

Parents can participate in planning and carrying out activities together with the instructors.

Playground and family houses activities for families

Happily on the move — exercise sessions for toddlers and parents

Fun exercise sessions for toddlers and their guardians. Learn more.

Sing-a-long mornings

Guardians and children gather round for sing-along mornings to sing, play and immerse themselves with music at a playground a family house. In a multilingual environment, these are great for learning Finnish. No need to register in advance. 

Family clubs and family mornings

Organised at playgrounds and family houses for families with children. The programme is planned together with the families. Ideas for these activities are welcomed at all times.

Sleep guidance

Playground staff and city social workers organise group sleep guidance for families who wish to get guidance on their infant's sleeping. Sleep guidance can help you if you wish to learn how to put your 6 to 12-month baby to sleep, or what to do if your baby keeps waking at night. Learn more about sleep guidance.

Baby massage

Baby massage strengthens a baby emotionally, physically and motorically. Baby massage activates, soothes, relaxes and pleases the baby and enhances the bond between the parent and the child. Learn more about baby massage.

Guidance for infant families 

Playgrounds and family houses provide guidance for families with a small baby. These activities are aimed as follow-up activities for the family coaching offered at the maternity and child health clinics (neuvola) for families who have recently had their first baby. Learn more about guidance for infant families.

Colour immersion for babies

Many playgrounds organise colour immersions for children under 12 months. In colour immersion, babies can get familiar with painting and colours in a baby-friendly and safe environment. Registration in advance is usually required. Learn more about colour immersion for babies.

Father-child activities

Many playgrounds organise activities aimed at children and their fathers or grandfathers. The emphasis is on relaxed activities and conversation. Dads and instructors plan the activities together. Dads and children can, for example, make arts and crafts, play, make music and cook together. Trips to interesting locations can also be taken whenever possible. All fathers, grandfathers and children are welcome! No need to register in advance.  

Environmental education

Environmental education and Metsämörri activities are organised for both young children and schoolchildren.

Finnish courses for parents and guardians

You can find the playgrounds from an alphabetic list or a list according to areas.

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