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Baby massage

Baby massage strengthens a baby emotionally, physically and motorically. Baby massage activates, soothes, relaxes and pleases the baby and enhances the bond between the parent and the child.

Massage has many other benefits, too. Baby massage offers many fathers a shared activity with their baby. Baby massage is also a method for strengthening the baby’s general fitness by increasing blood circulation, deepening breathing and enhancing digestion.

The play parks and family houses organise baby massage. For information on the groups, please see the weekly programmes of the locations.

Registration for the activities

Participation in the groups usually requires advance registration. You can register with the instructors of the location.

More information 

The baby needs to feel accepted from the very beginning. This is best achieved in interaction with the baby through touch, speech, warmth and intimacy.

The first completely functional sense of the baby is the sense of touch. The emotional language recognised by the baby is created through touching.

Baby massage can be started with a small baby. The massage session is included in the daily programme, for example, every day or a couple of times a week. This ensures a calm and focused moment of being together that deepens and widens the relationship between the parent and child.

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