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School menus

The schools and day care centres in Helsinki and the Helsinki Vocational College apply a six week rotation to their basic and vegetarian menus.

There are two main-course choices daily. Lunch includes a hot main course, a salad or other raw food item, a beverage, bread and bread spreads.

Themes and seasonal festivities of Finnish food culture are visible in the menus, as well as in the decorations of the cafeterias. During such events, the canteens offer a more festive meal with a dessert.

The schools, the Helsinki Vocational College and the day care centres will share further information on the themes, as well as the menus and meals of seasonal celebrations.

Menus are developed each year. The feedback and wishes of students are taken into account when planning the menus and product selection for the school year.

School menus autumn 2022

Koulusafka mobile web application

Helsinki Service Centre (Palvelukeskus Helsinki) menus 
School Menu application

Palmia's menus
Palmia's School Menu mobile application (Android, Apple)
Comprehensive Schools
Botby grundskola, Haagan peruskoulu (Isonnevantie), Hoplaxskolan (Solnavägen, Stormyrvägen, Kånalavägen), Kannelmäen peruskoulu (Kannel, Raitti and Runo), Konalan ala-aste, Malminkartanon ala-aste, Munkkivuoren ala-aste (Raumantie), Pihkapuiston ala-aste, Pikku-huopalahden ala-aste, Pitäjänmäen peruskoulu, Strömbergin ala-aste,  Vartiokylän ala-aste, Vartiokylän yläaste
Upper Secondary Schools
Alppilan lukio, Gymnasiet lärkan, Helsingin aikuislukio, Helsingin medialukio, Mäkelänrinteen lukio, Sibelius-lukio
Helsinki Vocational College
Meritalo and Savonkatu 
Compass Group (Amica) restaurants, pdf Comprehensive Schools
Hiidenkiven peruskoulu, Itäkeskuksen peruskoulu, Keinutien ala-aste, Latokartanon peruskoulu, Maatullin ala-aste, Malmin peruskoulu (Kesälä), Munkkiniemen ala-aste, Munkkivuoren ala-aste (Laajalahdentie), Myllypuron peruskoulu, Puistolan peruskoulu, Puistolanraitin ala-aste, Tapanilan ala-aste, Vesalan peruskoulu (Ruuti), Östersundom School
Upper Secondary Schools
Helsingin kielilukio
Sodexo's menus, pdf
Helsinki Vocational college Hattulantie, Ilkantie, Kullervonkatu, Teollisuuskatu and Vilppulantie

Paid snacks

Many schools in Helsinki sell snacks in the afternoon. The offerings and the manner of serving the snacks are organised by each school independently. The snack selection includes at least three choices – various bread products, beverages and fruit.

Snacks are usually paid with a snack card. More information on the snacks is available from the school or the school cafeteria.

Snackmenus for afternoon activities

Helsinki Service Centre (Palvelukeskus Helsinki), pdf

Compass Group (Amica) restaurants, pdf

Palmia restaurants, pdf

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