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School catering

There are two main-course choices daily. Lunch includes a hot main course, a salad or other raw food item, a beverage, bread and bread spreads.

Menus are designed to make use of seasonal ingredients. The menus reflect culinary themes and contain traditional Finnish foods related to Finnish holidays. Annually repeated culinary theme weeks have featured organic and local foods and reflected harvest times and wish-lists. Food themes introduce students to international foods and customs through various country-specific themes.

The holidays and celebrations reflected in the menus include at least the Finnish Independence Day, Christmas, Easter, May Day (Vappu) and the last school day before the summer school break.

Paid snacks

Many schools in Helsinki sell snacks in the afternoon. The offerings and the manner of serving the snacks are organised by each school independently. The snack selection includes at least three choices – various bread products, beverages and fruit.

Snacks are usually paid with a snack card. More information on the snacks is available from the school or the school cafeteria.

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