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Student assistance and support

The wellbeing of general upper secondary school students is supported in many ways. Special needs education, and many other ways to help learning is available for those who need support. A subject teacher can, for example, give a student more individual, remedial teaching, or offer extra guidance for learning. General upper secondary school staff can work together in multidisciplinary groups to help a student overcome more complex issues. Special needs education teachers help students with learning difficulties and with special arrangements applications for the Matriculation Examination.

Guidance counsellors help students plan their studies and future learning paths, select courses and assists in Matriculation Examination related questions.

Students can also turn to school nurses, school psychologists and school social workers in all questions related to life management, coping, relationships and wellbeing.

More information on student wellbeing can be found from the general upper secondary schools’ websites via School Search.

See also Toiseen asteen yhteys webpage for upper secondary school students with useful links and information. 

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