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Preparatory training for general upper secondary education (Luva)

In preparatory training for general upper secondary education, you will acquire the skills needed to apply for a place in general upper secondary education and succeed in your future studies in the best possible manner.

For who?

  • For students with a native language other than Finnish or Swedish who wish to pursue general upper secondary qualification and matriculation examination.

What is involved?

  • The course includes Finnish and English language studies that are necessary for general upper secondary school, social and cultural studies, studies in mathematics and natural sciences as well as strengthening of studying capabilities.
  • The course provides you with a realistic impression of upper secondary education.
  • It is possible for you to take actual upper secondary studies according to an individual study plan.
  • You can also raise comprehensive school grades in most theoretical subjects.


The scope of the training in the school year 2021-2022 is 50 study points.

The training is organised at Vuosaaren lukio upper seconcary school and Alppila lukio upper secondary school. Applications for preparatory training should be submitted on

Luva, Valma and Voluntary additional basic education to be combined into Tuva

Preparatory training for general upper secondary education, also known as Luva in Finnish will be offered until the end of 2022. In autumn 2022, the contents of the preparatory training for general upper secondary education will be moved under Tuva, preparatory training towards a qualification. Tuva training is aimed at compulsory education aged students and anyone else in the need of preparatory training, not only at students with immigrant backgrounds.

01.04.2021 14:57