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Special emphases in the municipal general upper secondary schools

Each general upper secondary school run by the City of Helsinki has a special emphasis. Special emphases are school subjects or topics that the students can specialise in. See each school's special emphasis in the list below.

Schools marked with an asterisk * have a special educational task laid in the General Upper Secondary Education Act.

Special emphases in the City of Helsinki's general upper secondary schools

  • Alppilan Upper Secondary School: global citizenship
  • Brändö Gymnasium Upper Secondary School: PE, physical education*
  • Etu-Töölö Upper Secondary School: entrepreneurship
  • Helsinki Upper Secondary School of Languages: languages and internationality
  • Helsinki Upper Secondary School of Visual Arts: visual arts*
  • Helsinki Upper Secondary School of Natural Sciences: natural sciences*
  • Helsinki Upper Secondary School of Media Arts: media and society
  • Kallio Upper Secondary School of Performing Arts: performing arts*
  • Gymnasiet Lärkan Upper Secondary School: media, mathematics and science, internationality
  • Mäkelänrinne Upper Secondary School: sports*
  • Ressun lukio IB World School :English-instructed IB syllabus*
  • Ressun lukio Upper Secondary School: science
  • Sibelius-lukio Upper Secondary School: music and dance*
  • Tölö Gymnasium Upper Secondary School: music, visual arts and human ecology*
  • Vuosaari Upper Secondary School: technology and music
  • Helsinki Upper Secondary School for Adults: basic education at different levels and general upper secondary education for adults.

See also: List of municipal and private general upper secondary schools in Helsinki.

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